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Jun 01 2012

School Tour

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We departed Dualla just after 9am this morning for our 2012 School Tour. It is the final tour for 6th Class but the first of many for 1st Class!

We’ll post more information when we reach Carlow!


We have arrived at the Chocolate Garden. Let the fun begin!


The Chocolate Garden is actually in Co. Wicklow, but borders Carlow.

They make chocolate & ice cream here. They even make Tipperary Organic Ice Cream! It is a family run business.

In the Chocolate Garden, we learned about the different stages involved in the production of chocolate from its origin in the Cocoa tree in Africa right through to it’s final production.
We learned all about Cocoa Fruit & Beans and were taught about how
Cocoa Beans Ferment.
There is so much to know about chocolate:
Beans must be fully dried before they are moved on.
Cocoa farmers take beans to a collection centre where the beans are graded.
Beans are heated at high temperature before turning into a liquid.
Milk & sugar are added.
Cocoa butter is the most expensive part of the chocolate.
Cocoa Beans from different Equatorial Regions are blended together.
The average Irish person eats 12.5KG of chocolate per year.
The price of Cocoa butter is rising, so the price of chocolate will continue to rise. We’ll have to eat as much chocolate as we can while we can!

There was a funny quote on the TV Screen which tried to capture the essence of chocolate!
“Chocolate is cheaper than Therapy and you don’t need an appointment”

We were shown different chocolate bars such as Chocolate Santa, Barack Obama, Easter Bunny, Chocolate CDs, etc. !!

The best part was making our own chocolate kittens! We were given Certificates in recognition of our hard work!! We had a great time here!

Roll on Roll ‘n Bowl!! Next stop Portlaoise!

We’ve just finished bowling in Roll ‘n Bowl. Check out our spooky looking bowlers!! Now for some Laser Quest!



We’ve progressed on to the Play Area in Roll ‘n Bowl. We might not have any energy left for shopping!!


We’re missing Robbie, Ross, Pádraig, Páraic & Rachel though. We wish they were here with us!

We’re off to Ken Blacks toy-store next. Then we’re hitting Portlaoise Shopping Centre!

We’re in Elverys Sports Shop now!


We’re in the Shopping Centre!!


We were a bit warm, so we cooled down with some ice cream!!

We’re on the bus home now. We had a lovely day.

Estimated Time of Arrival is approximately 8:30pm.

Thanks for watching & thanks for all the comments.

Slán go fóill!

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